Legs for Days! How to Fake Long Legs with Makeup: Makeup Artists’ Technique |

 Makeup artists are not only responsible for a model’s or celebrity’s face but sometimes her body too, so knowing how to give the illusion of long, toned legs is crucial, even for six foot tall supermodels.   These techniques are not the sole domain of the leggy set but are easy enough to make anyone’s legs appear longer, leaner, and more like you spend the balance of your day working out.  It just takes a little prep time and a bit of practice, but it can be really worth it if you are attending an event, having photos taken, or just want to make your friends wonder how you fit in all those workouts when you wear shorts to weekend brunch. 
Preparation is everything to achieving the best look so take time to get your skin ready.  First exfoliate your legs in the shower and follow up with a moisturizer while your skin is still a slightly damp to lock in the hydration.  If you are really pale-skinned and like a bit of color on a regular basis, try Jergen’s Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse which is quick-drying and self-adjusting, every few days. 

After prepping your skin, apply Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, either in lotion form, or in a spray, which is best if you spray it first on your hands and then rub it into your legs.  It won’t come off on your clothes, dries quickly, and gives a streak-free realistic glow that never appears orange.  You can build up the depth of the color by applying more product, but remember that your leg color should match your arms, neck, face, and décolletage or you will give yourself away immediately.
Next use a cream highlighter product down the front center of your legs but don’t highlight the knee.  Do the same down the back of your legs if you are dexterous enough to reach that area.  Makeup artists for celebrities and models all swear by PRTTY Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion which comes in five shades and is genius at giving a slimming effect to the legs.

To give definition, just as you would contour your face, you can contour the outline of your muscles on your legs.  Don’t be heavy-handed or you will look like you are wearing vertical stripes – not a good look.  Use a Body Blender sponge to apply a product such as Say Hello To Sexy Legs Body Contour Stick, by tensing your leg muscles and darkening the area along the edges of the muscle areas on both sides of your thighs and calves. 

Finally, wear heels in a color close to your skin color to lengthen the appearance of your legs without breaking the visual lines.  Legs for days!
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Meet your new Zodiac Sign! -

Or nah.
NASA just announced a new star sign and new dates for the old ones. Guess what?

According to a blog post by NASA, there are actually 13 zodiac signs. Its just that when the Babylonians were drawing up the plan that the signs would correspond with the 12-month calendar that they already had, they thought it would be best to leave the 13th sign alone.
(On a side note, I didn't know Babylonians were really into their calendars. First 2012 now this?)
Anyways, NASA recently thought they should set the record straight and include the 13th sign Ophiuchus. So here are the new zodiac dates:
Capricorn: January 20 - February 16
Aquarius: February 16 – March 11
Pisces: March 11 – April 18
Aries: April 18 – May 13
Taurus: May 13 – June 21
Gemini: June 21 – July 20
Cancer: July 20 – August 10
Leo: August 10 – September 16
Virgo: September 16 – October 30
Libra: October 30 – November 23
Scorpio: November 23 – November 29
Ophiuchus: November 29 – December 17
Sagittarius: December 17 – January 20
I wouldn't say that I believe horoscopes or that I'm big into astrology. I just think they're pretty interesting. I used to read my horoscope off the newspapers in the library back in high school, but I never really thought much about it.
So from a Scorpio, I am now a Libra.
Anyways, I read about this on Facebook and thought I'd share it with you guys here. I hope it wasn't too random haha.
Thanks for reading and see you in the next post!
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Model Crush Monday – Kendall Jenner! |

September US Vogue Cover:  check.
Estee Lauder beauty contract:  check.
Calvin Klein campaign:  check.
Multiple appearances as opening and closing model in the top shows including Chanel, during international fashion weeks:  check.
Regular editorials and covers worldwide:  check.
Supermodel status:  confirmed.
Kendall Jenner is everywhere in the media and has been for many years, but as a certified supermodel for a mere two years.  With 18 million Twitter followers and 65.4 million on Instagram, Kendall is in a league all her own, raking in more influence than the very fashion and beauty brands she promotes.

Digging her heels in at her family’s first attempts to start her on a modeling career, Kendall was shy and awkward, making her pretty much like every other teenage girl.  Only this teenage girl grew up in the eye of the media with the eyes of the world watching her every move.  Having the perfect girl squad of Gig Hadid, Cara Delevigne, and Hailey Baldwin, all realizing their own dreams of modeling and acting gave her the confidence to own her potential.  While we would almost expect doors to fly open and great exceptions to be made in facilitating Kendall’s career, the opposite turns out the be the reality.  Kendall is known for being fastidiously professional, punctual, without attitude, and for having high expectations for herself, earning her modeling accolades on merit, not connections.  Recently ranked as the third highest paid model by Forbes Magazine, it is a pretty sure bet that we'll see those long legs and big brown eyes for years to come.  If anyone was positioned to change the interaction between the fashion industry, modeling, and the media, it’s Kendall, rewriting the rules as she goes.  All the way to the top.

Kendall’s Instagram   @kendalljenner
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The Homeland Security Interview of Lame Cherry -

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The visit from Homeland Security was enlightening, like Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, as it is amazing how many of you brave keyboard patriots have vanished after all of your commando typing.

In assessing this, on the two agents who interviewed me, I have a great deal of confidence in Homeland field agents and their superiors. They are very well trained and apparently there is some "good looking clause" as Homeland does not let ugly people into their group which is quite settling, as after Naps Napolitano, one thought the standards had all been put aside and they let anyone in.

So I was interviewed by Matthew Goode and Yul Brenner. I highly recommend it for everyone really, as attractive people always are more comforting to deal with as they disarm you into their charms and you never notice how really capable they are.

I have decided now to become an advocate for Homeland Security, because they really do need it.

The main problem I noticed is the agency does not appreciate their agents. They have these little badges that look like they were manufactured for the carnival, and their identification papers are rather bland off old yellow.
Granted the SUV my taxes paid for was a gem, but I when I become their superior in the Trump Administration, the first thing I am going to do is contact the US Military medal production facility and have them mint an entire new set of golden badges for our Homeland Security officers. I think the same pretty purple for the Purple Heart should be embedded in the badge, and honestly it has to go full size, as a 2 inch badge is not worthy of Homeland.

I still would like to change it to Motherland too, but I am more interested at this juncture in getting these agents proper badges to match how handsome they are.

I am thinking of a real leather, black calf skin wallet too, as we must show appreciation for those who protect us, even if their political minders on top are trying to make this all on the cheap.

I also am considering the immigrant on the Price as Right in Manuella to play me in the movie of my life story in the interview.  I have not cast really more than that as I am still so flattered that I have fans at Homeland Security and the FBI.
I am reminded of the bed fuzz quasi intellectuals who thought this blog had such a limited following, and here I have new friends in Homeland Security, and I will always endeavor to repay their kindness with all the things fitting they should have, as with billions of dollars for this department, there certainly can be more money proportioned for raises, child care and some impressive Homeland Security identification papers. I am thinking bone to accent the black calf skin and some impressive Franklin Gothic font. Oh yes,  a gold embossed logo on the outside too.

I do hope when they recorded our conversations that it picked up my nice speaking voice and the artificial intelligence transcribers do a job fitting of my interview. I hope a drone was overhead as in a FOIA I could splice that into the movie for dramatic effect.

This would have to debut at Robert Redford stuff, but it might be put on delay until after my appointment to the Trump Administration, because the reality is my security check is now blowing through all the computers and all I will have to do is the FBI interview at my White House office for my above black clearance.

I think I will appoint Matthew and Yul as my special laisons as  I will adhere to the absolute mandate of only hiring attractive employees. We all must do all we can to support our government as it transfers to President Donald J. Trump.

PS: Oh and please do not expect your agents to be as attractive as mine, as after all I am the Lame Cherry and of course there are higher standards in dealing with the popular girl.  Just be an American when they show up, and do not start crying or go fetal position as you hardly want that on the Homeland Best Bloopers digitals. So stand on your hind legs and pretend you are brave person you are hiding behind the screen and making others be the target for your patriotism.

Just be good little citizens in not making yourselves a target in obeying the law and stop causing more problems than you are worth.



The Sam Adams -

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After my new experience with my new friends and fans at Homeland Security, I have had my eyes opened to what a Patriot really is, and it is not Black Lives Matter fists in the air or Alt Right  88 code type, nor being an idiot threatening people or involved in subversive activity.

Being a Patriot is like being George Washington in being visited by the crown for speaking about American Rights and it is Ronald Reagan being threatened by leftists for being American.

I look upon all of this with new eyes and insights. It is a world of Jesus at Gethsemane. It is a reality of Joan of Arc abandoned by all. It is a reality out of the thousands of people on this blog and feinting friendship on Facebook, there was only a few Patriots who were brave enough to show support in contact, and only one new person donated I will assume in response as a message they will not be intimidated.

Jesus said in Scripture that He knew the hearts of men, and they were all fair weather friends, summertime soldiers, sunshine patriots and keyboard commandos. It is alright that you are cowards because you can not help it. It is alright that you lie to yourselves how brave you are and then run away, because you are not fit for being an American, and it is best for you to live in your luxury and not make yourselves or other innocent people a target.
As Mark Twain wrote in Joan of Arc. Some people like the Paladin are just born to climb trees during battles and then climb down afterwards and stick their swords into dead bodies. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with crying. Nothing wrong with being afraid. Nothing wrong with going fetal position. It is best for you and you will live longer that way.
It is hard to read this reality, but it is something the police state and cartel already knows about you.  Being a coward is much better than being a stupid reactionary making yourself a target. It is much better to be on Facebook telling everyone how brave you are with your pile of guns than to be LaVoy Finicum stupidly gut shot in the snow.

There is though something in this though of standards. It is like the drunk in the bar accosting General Washington as a friend, when General Washington was not the least a drunk in the bar, but a Patriot.

In that, I have come to the conclusion that in this world there are those like us who have had interviews with Homeland Security in having done nothing wrong, and then there are.......well most of you. There is a Lawrence Sinclair being interviewed by the FBI in 2008 for exposing the bi sexual nature of Birther Hussein. There are others whose businesses are targeted by the regime........and then there are most of you with your Twitter and  Facebook pretending how Paladin you are.

It is a point now like a Purple Heart signifying something, that in being a law abiding American, if you have not had an interview with an alphabet agency, you are not a Sam Adams.

That is the distinction in this for those so honored in they are Sam Adams. Mr. Adams was certainly popular with the crown and as I am a popular girl with my new fans at Homeland.

None of this is about resistance, guns, protests or vain glory. None of this is about violence or making yourself a target. This is not about regimes or governments. This is about being human or something for the pen. This is about either standing on your hind legs or crawling away on all four.

The Sam Adams. That is something earned for not being stupid or violent.



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Hillary Clinton’s Last or Lost Hours -

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I am so popular with Homeland Security now, and there is no appreciation from the wealthy in donations for the work of this blog, as they view me as so much old tampons to use and dispose of, I am hesitant about this, as I did a quick  read on Hamrod this afternoon after more information surfaced from ABC New York that she had gone tits up.

In inquiry, I am piecing together more of what took place on 9 11, because the Truth always lies in the fringes of stories and being astute enough to look. I hesitate for a number of reasons as I am not up to proving another June 13, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord event which might be covered up again with no body.

Here is what inquiry points to, as I first questioned why the Secret Service violated all protocols when Mrs. Clinton collapsed in taking her to Chelsea's apartment, instead of the hospital. The new information is a medical care facility is in the building. Inquiry states she never arrived there. She never did go to Chelsea's apartment and the Secret Service followed protocols, and that is why there was that missing 90 minutes.

I will just lay out what the matrix stated.

Hamrod upon collapsing and being dragged into the van, stopped breathing. Her heart was beating, but she had a tube placed down her trachea, and she was transported to hospital.

For ABC New York to report that Mrs. Clinton died could be a sympathy factor, but it also could be sources reporting locally that she indeed was non responsive, because she was.

Inquiry states she is on life support in the hospital.

Hillary Clinton's full Anderson Cooper phone interview - CNN Video

Video for anderson cooper, hillary clinton interview▶ 8:08

3 days ago

Hillary Clinton spoke with CNN's Anderson Cooper about having pneumonia and why she didn't disclose ...

Inquiry states that this was not Hillary Clinton in this phone interview. If you listen closely, it sounds like a computer generated facsimile. It is why it was a phone interview.

The back channels apparently are picking up signals from the above events, and that is what his leaking out in death reports and preparations to replace her.

I suspect the headline will be repeated "Donald Trump killed her."

The fringe media has pretty much proven that Mrs. Clinton had a body double and that is who appeared in front of Chelsea's apartment.
Hamrod is not brain dead, but her condition has deteriorated and she is being assisted in breathing. Inquiry keeps pointing to further brain damage from this event. When she was given 2 days to recover, it was not factored in that the situation would be what it is now.

We shall see what the circus produces tomorrow as Hamrod is supposed to rise and be on the campaign trail............and Biden, Bill, Tim and Joe were all pounding it hard today, acting like Mrs. C will not return.

Tomorrow will reveal on Ellen what appears at that scheduled event.

Hillary Clinton Visits 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Sept. 14 ...

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton makes her return to 'The Ellen DeGeneres' show on Sept 14. ... Hillary Clinton Visits 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Sept. 14

September 14, 2016

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Television Hillary Clinton
September 14, 2016 Las Vegas, Nevada Rally Bill Clinton
September 14, 2016 Raleigh, North Carolina Organizing Event Chelsea Clinton
September 14, 2016 Carrboro, North Carolina Voter Registration Event Chelsea Clinton
September 14, 2016 Roanoke, Virginia Organizing Event Chelsea Clinton
September 14, 2016 Washington, DC Fundraiser Senator Debbie Stabenow

The Truth is always somewhere in the middle of the rumors.



The October Surprise -

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This popped up in trends as a horizon event before Hillary Clinton's interesting 9 11 adventures in Operation Evergreen Sympathy. I am posting this Monday evening after my new friends from Homeland had been here this afternoon.

What inquiry is pointing to, is there is a sort of Benghazi II being engineered for Hillary Clinton in an October Surprise version of Chris Stevens being kidnapped along with other Americans, but the inquiry points to this is in Asia.

Specifically this is tracking in North Korea, and has something to do with hostages being taken, and a surprise release on October 24th.

Inquiry states that this will be Hillary Clinton involved the hostage release, as her grande diplomatic moment set up by the Obama regime, for her surge to be able to steal the 2016 election.

I am out of sorts after the Homeland visit as my abilities depend a great deal upon my Spirit not being violated with distractions. So I would post more, but this is something that is out there in another of these wag the dogs.

I keep hoping that posting these time lines will make them vanish, as they are not much of a surprise or appear as a God given event, when they are posted before they happen and exposure makes them lose their effect.

Takes time to heal from these violations of space time. Will get better in time as I get used to it.

As NYC824 appears a neutralized event which is fading, to the proper time line reset, my intention is to assist in the election of Donald Trump as President in neutralizing these last 6 week effects of intrigue if I am aware of them.  Then God willing I will unplug and most likely be only a target of the anti Christ, as the time line will be allowed to the end in proper sequence.
I tended to be less popular with Vice President Cheney in office and it should repeat with President Trump in office.  Then the objective of stopping the election of Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton will have reached successful conclusion with Mr. Trump's victory.



President Tim Kaine of Mecca and the Vatican -

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Senator Tim Kaine is a mystery, until you get to his core development as was exposed by The Hill. At the beginning of the usurpation of the Obama regime, the Lame Cherry did a series of investigative articles on Mr. Obama's chief mentor which he had graduated into, from Uncle Frank Davis Marshall the sexual pervert and Bill Ayers, the sexual pervert who had blacks rape his Jewish girlfriend. I am going to delay in identifying this person, so that you pay attention to the details as they are important as to who Tim Kaine is.

At the base of the the cartel's world management is the creation of the Karl Marx communism dogma. The greatest proponents of it in the third world were the Black Robes, who were in the 20th century the direct combatants of the same Anglo Saxon domination of the world in competition of the European dynasties.

This operational group of the Jesuits coordinated with the Kremlin all through the mid 20th century, especially in South America, where their teaching became Liberation Theology or Revolutionary Theology. The Jesuits of South America were gun runners and the current Pater Pope is a Jesuit making the Catholic church a change he believes in as Obama did.

This Latin Liberation took on a new title as it was promoted in the ranks of a faithful group in the United States in the Black clergy. You might now remember the Obama mentor of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, as he was the proponent of Black Liberation Theology for Obama and Oprah's church in Chicago, where the very homosexual Obama was having sex with Donald Young who was murdered to silence him.

This is the foundation of Tim Kaine. Bill Clinton traveled through the Soviet Bloc in the Cold War with his comrades, and Tim Kaine ventured to Honduras and became a disciple to this theology which is pushing for "land redistribution" by 2021. If this does not sound at all like something which interests you, it might ring a bell if you took the time to read about my featuring the Rhodesians plight in Africa, along with all other White Africans, who had their lands seized, were deported and sent into exile as paupers.
Still not ringing a bell yet? How about my informing you that the Obama invaders of Jesuits from Latin America and the Muslims of the Mideast and Africa, are once they gain majority status under Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, going to move to not just dig up General Nathan Bedford Forest of the Civil War for being a racist, but are going to begin the reapportionment of lands in these United States to the people of color, because White folks just got too much of everything.
Given time, they will begin this same exile process, and if you still do not comprehend this, as the Kaine Jesuits start driving people out as Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela, those people are going to come pouring into the United States, hastening the process. Literally Jerry Brown is the last white traitor liberal Governor of California, and in your lifetimes you will see referendums by these Jesuits of President Tim Kaine to return by majority vote, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Arizona to the Jesuit controlled Mexican empire again.

For those not able to deal with the math of this, America already has over 50 million Jesuit Latins in the Obama years. There are over 90 million Asians on green cards. Add the 100 million new Muslims and Jesuits brought in by Obama instability, and 2016 is the last pretense of an election America will ever have, as from 2017 on in President Tim Kaine, America will be an annexed nation of Jesuit ordered, organized communist regime and Muslim thug terrorism enforcement against the enemies of the state.

Tim Kaine is an exact copy of Barack Obama, who in 2008 promised all the dupes that Obama was a Neo Reagan. Tim Kaine spews the same promises of being a New Democrat, but he passes laws like a Neocon, but at his heart is Reverend Jeremiah Wright in "Goddamn America".

The Lame Cherry had intended to write of Tim Kaine as the best Republican in the 2016 race, because that is exactly what he is, an Oligarch Rockefeller Republican, as Hillary Clinton is. The difference is, is that Hillary Clinton takes her marching orders from Wall Street, while Tim Kaine takes his marching orders from the False Prophet of the anti Christ. Tim Kaine as Birther Hussein is the proponent of global feudalism or more to the point, Tim Kaine will bring about the Holy Clinton Empire which answers to Rome, as that is what all of this is about. It is the old system of a religious cult, bring the common glue of "god" to hold diverse populations together, using regimes to keep control by burning at the stake, and keeping around some savage ethnics to terrorize the peasants to cull them.

According to the media, Tim Kaine took a life transforming "mission" trip to Latin America in 1980. Conveniently left out of these stories, are the radical reality of the Cold War in Latin America and Tim Kaine's Soviet sympathizing mentors. In fact, whatever Kaine's intentions, he more likely met Karl Marx than Jesus Christ while there.
Connect the dots with a little history, and an alarming picture emerges of Kaine's adventures with radicals and revolutionaries in 1980s Latin America.
Reports indicate that in Honduras, “Mr. Kaine embraced an interpretation of the gospel, known as liberation theology...”
The fact is Pope John Paul went to war with these apostates and stalemated them, but upon his death, Ratzinger held his own, but after being forced out, the Pater Pope of Argentina has unleashed this dogma on the world, and it was the Obama regime which was destabilizing all of these nations, for the express purpose of bringing about this new order.
I will repeat in what seemed odd at the time to most, in Obama appeared in Georgetown and the Jesuits there covered up Christ as Obama spoke and then Obama was invited to Notre Dame to promote aborticide by the Jesuits......and then the matter that Obama helped force out Pope Benedict for the Pater Pope who has been busy importing Muslims all through Christian Europe to rid it of Protestants so the Vatican order would prevail.
Now does this sinister weave begin to assemble into a bit more sense, as you know Bill Clinton is a Rockefeller bastard of the secular Rockefeller Republican order as the Neocon Bush family is the same Muslim promoting group, who just so happen all instigate this "religion mixing" as each Protestant sect is overthrown and sodomized, as what emerges are the storm trooper Jesuits and Muslims, whose finances are all controlled by the Ashkenaz bankers of Europe, who own American finance.
This is the real Tim Kaine as the same Birther Obama as the same Bill Clinton. When America was in the death grip of a nuclear Cold War with the Soviets, Kaine was down cuddling with gun runner Jesuits, Bill was in bed with communists in Europe and Obama was in the Soetoro household which was by Islam carrying out the greatest genocide of "non Muslims" in Indonesia, all under the auspices of the CIA.
Hillary Clinton is meant to be Obama's 3rd term if she lives that long, but Tim Kaine, who was specifically chosen by Bill Clinton to carry out the marching orders for the anti Christian Balkanization of America and the world. If you are intelligent enough to know what the Israeli state is, in Benjamin Netanyahu has built walls so his Jews are all in ghettos now, that is what Tim Kaine intends for America. There will not be a Trump Wall to protect America, but Americans will be put behind the gulag walls as their genocide will reach it's final phase. There will not be any resisting this, because President Tim Kaine for Mecca and Rome will be in control of the Police State and each of you will be as much a criminal as LaVoy Finicum in thinking you have some right to preserve.
As stated, the Lame Cherry covered all of this years ago in the strange melding of Obama, Islam, Marxism and Jesuits in this Black Liberation.

Lame Cherry: The Obama Liberation

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It is pleasant the tourists of The Hill and other media have caught up to the Lame Cherry, as you can read by the above proof that once again by God's Grace this blog had it first, and once again, Lame Cherry right again.
If you think Obama was destructive to America, and that Hillary Clinton would be a nightmare, your worst terrors are nothing imagined in the Tim Kaine genocide of Americans and Christians in what he will finish what Obama began.
Nuff Said



Dead Hillary’s Faces in a Crowd -

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

All of us have fantasies about how the world will react when our brains ooze out of our ears and we drown in our know like Hillary Clinton on 9 11.

I decided to look at a historical snapshot of Hillary Clinton's life, and it is damning and telling.

For instance, the hand stroker is the best judge of Hillary Clinton's condition, and she is looking like........well Gramma is dying and she is not going to recover. This is a face which is not saying a few pills and a nap are going to make Hillary Clinton rise from the dead.
I am going to point something out, in Hillary Clinton got pneumonia in the middle of summer in heat, and she got her a sinus summer.


Next we have our favorite Senator, in Chuck Schumer who was for some reason lurking around.  As you can see Chuck was quite know like a dog looking at a steak about to fall  off the table.

Chuck just looks like he discovered road kill on the sidewalk by stepping in it. That is Chuck's look of he is looking at death, ugly old death.

I like this one as an affirmation of Chuck's assessment of Hillary Clinton, in this guy looking on, is thinking, "I came out on 9 11 for this bullshit and now I have to watch this old hag's brain leak out of her ears and I can smell it.

Then there is this poor bastard, hiding behind a tree. He is the inner Clinton group and has the look of terror, concern and revulsion in his pampered life has the butler flushing the pet goldfish and here is Hillary croaking before his eyes.
Odd how no one is pleased about her dying.

But oops spoke to soon, as the laughing guy obscured by hair is Hillary Clinton's hair. This suit is close enough to smell death, can hear Hillary Clinton gasping out of those old pneumonia lungs, and he could care less as he is laughing his ass off.

I could add a few more photos of the Clinton entourage, but they are people on cell phones, people in their own enjoyable small talk, and except for one NYPD cop looking like the only one interested in security, the moral of this story is, that no one gave a damn about Hillary Clinton, except one woman apparently paid to care with a huge salary.

I mean we have all witnessed this video. Hillary Clinton was like a cold bucket of Colonel Sanders mashed potatoes on the post. No one wanted it, and one person was upset that she had her dinner ruined of stiff old spuds.

This is an inside look at the Clinton insiders. This is a group of some of thee most heartless bastards in the world. This woman was dying and none of them cared. Some were looking with joy how it would advance them, but most were..........well disgusted their Sunday was ruined by having to watch an old woman die on the sidewalk.

That is the Hillary Clinton epitaph of her donors, her security and her employees. No one gave a damn about this woman when she was choking out.

We all have fantasies about the world stopping when we die. When Hillary Clinton was checking out it was like the scene from Scrooge's bed in their pulling the curtains down from his bed.

These are the people who are closest to her. They have testified of themselves and of Hillary Rodham Clinton.